Hi, I'm Philip Stockley

and I am an Artist.

The statement above may seem obvious.  Why else would I have a web site showing the art I have created? But for me the statement marks a huge shift in mindset.

Up to now I have been many things: a student; a charity fundraiser and administrator; a husband and father; a ‘sorter-outer’; a practical person who does DIY and fixes things; a cook; a traveler; an explorer of places; and an occasional photographer.

  Finally, I can now say I am also an artist.

Like many people, I enjoyed art at school.  I was even considered good at it.  But life got in the way, and my enjoyment of art was squeezed to one side by the many things that filled my days.  Consequently, I have only created occasional pieces of art since my school days.

Now I am finally at the stage of life where I can learn about, and create art, for my own enjoyment, and possible to supplement my meager savings for retirement.

So this web site aims to show case some of my finished work, and the blog will talk about the process of creating some of my art.  I hope others will find the blog helpful as I wrestle with, and sometimes document,  the huge subject of “how to create art” by discussing some of my own struggles, and what I learn along the way.

Learning how to create art is indeed a huge subject, and I am indebted to the many fine artists who put advice and information on the internet. It has been my greatest teacher, and  I hope to point others towards some of the information that has helped my through my sister web site, GreatToCreate.com