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Olive trees near Lake Garda

Do you think this picture works? I like it for the memories it evokes for me, and different elements in the picture, but I have never been sure if I like the picture as a whole. You see, I used three different painting styles in it, and I am not sure they really go...

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Painting Alex’s Lurcher, Isla

Painting Alex's Lurcher, Isla, became an instant priority for me when I was shown a photo of the dog.  Alex is an excellent professional photographer (see his web site here), and he seems to have set up his lighting as if he was photographing a human sitter.  Somehow...

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What a Canada Goose taught me.

Around 1985 I spent a short period trying to improve my skill in watercolor painting (before life got in the way again!).   It was during this time that I painted this Canada Goose defending her eggs. I remember being very pleased with this painting for two reason. It...

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