Ted, the border terrier dog

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Medium:           Watercolour on paper
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I was commissioned to paint Ted for a friend’s birthday party.  He is a lovely dog who has been on many walks with our walking group.  I took the photo this painting was based on while on a walk, and the owner was not aware I had taken it – so she was greatly surprised to receive the picture as part of her birthday celebration.   

She was particularly pleased when I pointed out that she is reflected in Ted’s eye, and thus she is included in the painting as well.

Interesting Facts:

Border terriers are a popular breed of dogs which originate from the border area between England and Scotland.   They are an independent, resourceful, confident and determined breed who enjoy company but not being pampered.  They are easily trained, and a fairly quiet dog, and enjoy feeling part of a family.  Many border terriers have ‘otter heads’ – ie. a fairly broad, flat head which is a characteristic of the breed.