Bird on a branch

Available as:     Prints, cards
Medium:           Watercolour on paper
Original:            Not available (private collection)
Original Image size:    Ask for details

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This was a very simple painting to do, but I feel pleasure every time I see it.  Fortunately that is quite often, as the original is in a frame just inside our front door.

I find it hard to define what I like about the painting – but apart from its simplicity, I think I enjoy the sense of coming across the bird unexpectedly, and not knowing if it will still be there if I blink. I hope the image conveys the very transient nature of watching birds in the wild.

Interesting Fact:

Most birds get airborn from the ground (or water) or from some sort of a perch, such as a branch.  Taking off from a perch is more versatile than take off from the ground, as it allows a greater range of angles and directions, and can use less energy when the bird ‘falls’ from the perch, rather than pushes off from the ground.  Something I have not spent much time thinking about!